Cowichan Native Woollen Cardigan


1980's Native American Style Cardigan with metal zip.
Pure wool and so cosy. These are a must in your Winter wardrobe!
Native American woollens
Cowichan Sweater Jacket - Deer Design Cowichan Sweater - Wool Jacket Warm - Hand Knit Coat - Native American Wool
What is the garment between a cardigan and a jacket? A Cardijacket?
We love this colour scheme
Cowichan knitting is a form of knitting characteristic of the Cowichan people of southeastern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The distinctively patterned, heavy-knit Cowichan sweaters, popular among British Columbians and tourists, are produced using this method. Cowichan knitting is an acculturated art form, a combination of European textile techniques and Salish spinning and weaving methods. From this union, new tools, techniques and designs developed over the years.  

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